Businesses Choose Us
Again and Again
for Their Invoice Factoring

We provide businesses nationwide
with hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

We have been providing invoice
factoring services
nationwide for decades
and have clients in hundreds of industries.
factoring for Health Care Staffing, Tansportation,Trucking, Manufacturing,
Labor Staffing,and much more.

As a client you are assigned one account administrator who will personally handle all of your account activity and inquiries.
This gives us the ability to buy
your receivables and get the
money to you within 12 to 24 hours.
Having one person look after
your account also makes it easy
for you to decide which invoices
you are going to sell and when
you want to sell those invoices.









































































































































































  1. Why Businesses Choose Us
    Again and Again

    circle03_skyblue.gif Same Day Funding

    circle03_skyblue.gif Advance Rates that Exceed
    Industry Norms by 20%

    We offer cash advance rates up to 97%
    The typical maximum in the invoice factoring industry is 80%.
    We can offer you higher advances because
    of our unique financing capabilities

    circle03_skyblue.gif Flexible Contracts-
    We provide you with contracts
    that meet your cash flow needs,not ours.

    Unlike the others, we do not make
    you sign long-term contracts and we don't
    charge you fees when you are inactive.

circle03_skyblue.gif Invoice Processing
Not only can we offer you the most
advanced technolgy but we also maintain
the old-fashioned systems because
every client has different needs.

Unlike the Others, our objective here
is not to force you to conform to us,
but to get you the cash you need
in the quickest and most
efficient manner.

circle03_skyblue.gif Credit Management Services at No Extra Cost
We provide credit analysis on both
new and existing accounts.
We actually pull credit reports
from various reporting services that
we contract with and report back
to you as to whether or not
they are creditworthy

circle03_skyblue.gif Experienced Account Managers
We are seasoned professionals with
an average of 11years industry experience per account executive.
(Well above the invoice factoring industry
norm of 2 years)

circle03_skyblue.gif Personalized Service
You have one dedicated person and his
or her assistant who handle your account.

Unlike the others, with us you don't
have to start over each time you call
with a new person

circle03_skyblue.gif Please contact us today
and our seasoned invoice factoring
specialists will help you
get the cash you need TODAY


Email Us
or complete the
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